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The Spanish Grammar Notebook is the best resource book for students, teachers, tutors and independent learners. Developed by a Spanish teacher with over two decades of experience, this book is ideal for:

Students who need an “easy to understand” text about the basics of Spanish grammar. Exercises and an answer key will make learning Spanish fun!

  teachers will discover how each subject heading is a ready-made lesson plan for beginning through intermediate Spanish classes. The handy answer key makes it easy to verify student progress. This book will also help to eliminate the stress of dealing with students who miss class due to health or extracurricular reasons, students with physical disabilities, students who are not native English speakers and students who need review on specific topics.

Home School students and teachers will enjoy topics that cover the primary components of Spanish Foreign Language curriculum delineated by a majority of public and private schools.

Independent learners will delight in using this text that has proven to be successful for the first time learner, as well as the remedial student “brushing up” on the basics before college entrance exams, job interviews or prior to travel in Spanish-speaking foreign countries.

"Adult Learner"

The Spanish Grammar Notebook is a great investment for students of all ages. As an adult learner, I have used this book as a dependable reference for years. I find this book to be one of the most useful texts to master the Spanish language since each topic is clearly explained in a straightforward manner.

Annette Wolf
Durango, Colorado

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